The best way to play Spotify on your sound system

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  • Make your speakers wireless.
  • Much better than Bluetooth!
  • Get one for each room and enjoy music everywhere.
  • For Spotify Premium users
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Turn your home sound system into a WiFi music player.

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How it works

1. Connect

1. Connect

Plug the Gramofon into your sound system using the audio cable.

2. Configure & Play

2. Configure & Play

Use the Gramofon Setup app to configure your Gramofon. Once Gramofon is connected to the internet, open up Spotify and start playing.

3. Stream & Listen

3. Stream & Listen

Your Gramofon is now streaming music from the cloud. Enjoy your favorite tunes out loud.

Bring your music to life

Gramofon brings the music you love onto your sound system in one click using the Spotify app. Make the most of your music at home and enjoy the experience with others.

Get the party started

Gramofon also turns your sound system into a WiFi hotspot. When your friends come over, they can connect to the Gramofon WiFi signal and play music on your Gramofon.

Music everywhere

Let the music follow you wherever you go. Place multiple Gramofons in your home and control them from the palm of your hand.

Better than Bluetooth

The Gramofon uses WiFi which allows for higher sound quality, longer range and no interruptions with calls or if your phone runs out of battery.

“Honestly fantastic. Able to control music through wifi via your phone and set it up as a wireless extender”John Cullen (Twitter)

"Absolutely in love with my @gramofonmusic! such a necessity for any spottily music junkie" Alisa (Twitter Comment)

“If you have a sound system that you like, this beats buying a new WiFi speaker system.”JodyM (Amazon Review)

“It works perfectly with Spotify, straight from the Spotify app”Alfonso (Amazon Review)


Do I need a new sound system to connect to my Gramofon?

Not at all, most simple sound systems have an audio jack that you can connect directly to the Gramofon. The Gramofon also comes with an RCA to 3.5mm jack adaptor, allowing you to connect it to a wider variety of devices.

What music platforms can I use with the Gramofon?

We currently support Spotify (for Premium users only) and WahWah. You can play music on Spotify directly from the Spotify app, and music from WahWah from the WahWah for Gramofon app.

Can I connect my wireless speakers to the Gramofon?

Most wireless speakers also have a jack audio input. You can use a standard audio jack or audio RCA compatible speakers to get your Gramofon ready to play.

Does Gramofon support Bluetooth?

Nope. Bluetooth means lower sound quality, limited range and interruptions when you receive a call/lock the phone. Gramofon uses WiFi in order to avoid all of these issues.

Do I need Spotify Premium?

Yep. At the moment if you want to play music on your Gramofon via Spotify, you must be a Spotify Premium user.

Where does Gramofon ship?

We currently ship to the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

What is Fon?

Fon is the largest WiFi network in the world with over 13 million hotspots worldwide, already backed by companies like Google, Qualcomm, Microsoft or Sequoia. For more information visit

How do I play music on my Gramofon?

Select the song or playlist from your Spotify or WahWah for Gramofon app. Then tap on the loudspeaker icon on the bottom right hand corner, and select the “Gramofon” option to start playing from your Gramofon.

How is Gramofon different from other audio devices?

Gramofon turns your current sound system into an online music player. It works with WiFi, so it overcomes all the limitations associated with using Bluetooth:

  • Higher sound quality
  • No need for pairing
  • Longer range
  • No interruptions when you receive a call or your phone runs out of battery
  • Multiple people can connect and play their own music
  • Drains less phone battery

It is also a WiFi extender, which means that as you add Gramofon’s around your house you are actually extending your WiFi signal so you connection stays strong.

How can my friends play music on the Gramofon?

Your friends will have to connect to the Gramofon WiFi signal and input the WiFi password. Once they have connected to the Gramofon’s WiFi signal, they can play music from their Spotify or WahWah for Gramofon app.

Note that the Gramofon support Spotify Premium accounts only. You must be a Spotify Premium user to play music on your Gramofon from Spotify.

What music platforms that are compatible with Gramofon are available in my country?

Currently the Gramofon supports Spotify Premium and WahWah.

Click here to check Spotify availability for your country. WahWah will be available in selected countries but at the moment is accessible in the following: United States, United Kingdom, Spain, Germany, Netherlands, France, Belgium, Sweden, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Poland, Romania, Hungary, Canada and Switzerland.

What does the Fon Utility App do?

You need to download the Fon Utility App in order to connect your Gramofon to the Internet. Make sure to download it in order to set up your Gramofon.

What are the technical specifications?

SoC Qualcomm AR9341 – 530MHz.

Memory: 64MB DDR2.

Storage: 16MB Flash.

Audio: AR4430 DAC.

WiFi: 2x2 802.11bgn. WPA, WPA2, Mixed mode WPA/WPA2 compliant.

Power consumption: 2,88W RMS – 3,92W Peak.

Size: 3.14 x 3.14 x 1.65 inches (80 x 80 x 43 mm)

When is AllPlay going to be available?

We are working very hard to get this featured launched. We estimate it will be ready early 2015. If you would like us to notify you via email when its ready please email us at

If you need more information, you can visit our support page

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